Kinky Boots DVD

Hello friends

I heard some word about the movie "Kinky Boots". Some voices say some humor and the serving of some clichees is quite funny.
So I'd like to ask you if this movie is any fun and worth the money for a "Nick Frost" fan?
Or is the movie Frost-wise not worth it?

Nick plushy?

Hello friends

I got a question (what else?) :D
I remember an Interview with Nick and Simon where Nick was talking abut he was in some city browsing shops while of from the set
and saw a plushie of himself (I think from Hyperdrive) in a shop. The owner was surprised and gave him the toy for free.

Anyone know about this toy/plushi?
Where can I get it?

Please share any info you got. Thank you!

Hyperdrive: Series one

Hey fellows :D

I recently finished watching Series one from Hyperdrive.
Lovely isnt it?
It really has alot LOL moments! :D
I admit its not the best comedy out there and Nick Frost could have chosen something better to use his talent on still its funny.

Spoiler Season One->
Spoiler Season OneCollapse )
<-Spoiler Season One

I think i'll start Series two tonight. Not sure yet. ;)

Hot Fuzz

Just watched "Hot Fuzz" on DVD.
I love that movie. <3
Pegg and Frost are both great actors and their such a good duo.

The movie is very fun.
My favourite scene is when they hanging out at Danny's place watching movies.
They are so cute. That's what friendship is like. :D

I highly recommend everyone who got the DVD to check out the Bonus stuff in fact the Outtakes. It's hilarious. "Fuzz Facts" is also funny, you learn alot about stuff behind the movie.

Is there somewhere a Frost/Danny plushie? LOL

What is your favorite scene in "Hot Fuzz"?

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 Your great at Hot fuzz and Man stroke woman , Keep me posted on your new project "Wild Child " ..that will be another awesome performance from you...Best Wishes
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